Amanda Nepo is a creative force in magic who is known for her innovative approach and novel effects. 

She has been described as “a rising star” and "the future of magic"


At age 16, Amanda impressed the world-famous duo, Penn & Teller, with her original magic on 

Penn & Teller Fool Us, making her one of the youngest FOOLERS ever! 

Amanda performs in the NY and LA area and been a featured performer at magic conventions worldwide,
most recently at Blackpool, where she also gave a lecture on her magic and creative process .

Amanda designs and crafts her own magic tricks, including Diamond Cutter and Gum and Get Some. She posts her creative spin on magic on her Instagram account (@amandanepo.magic), where she is followed by magicians from around the world. 

Amanda's unique style of magic is all about doing something unexpected....something that has not been seen before.

16-Year-Old Amanda Nepo FOOLS PENN & TELLER With Her Original, Creative Magic!!!

"Just a beautiful, beautiful routine in every way!"

-Penn Jillette, Penn & Teller: Fool Us