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A diabolical trick that fries brains. The twist ending makes audiences go from polite laughter to complete disbelief. 

Perform a visual transformation of a card that leaves your audience with an impossible object. With just a touch of the finger, the index of a card transforms from the wrong card to the selected card and gets a crazy reaction. This is Diamond Cutter. 

"Amanda Nepo is a really great performer and has created a super commercial card revelation that is basically a workers dream. Lots of audience interaction, a fun premise and really unique visuals are combined into a routine that really packs a punch. Recommended." - Craig Petty

"Amanda is one of the most creative magicians I've ever met. Her innovation and imagination shine through in everything she creates with an unwavering quality control filter for method and her vision. If she releases something, I'm interested, you should be too." - Shane Cobalt

"Amanda has crafted a piece of magic that will be left in the memories of audiences for years. I'm sure spectators will hold on to the impossible object wondering how it possibly was done." - Alex Boyce

"Diamond Cutter has everything I look for in a great card trick. I can't wait to start using this!" - Nick Locapo

"Amanda Nepo creates exciting magic, and Diamond Cutter is no exception. I love the concept here, and look forward to performing this for my audiences!" - Erik Tait

"Diamond Cutter is a beautiful two phase routine, I love it!" - Dr. Cyril Thomas


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Perform visual magic when you go out on the town with Gum and Get Some. 

An empty pack of gum becomes full in the blink of an eye. The gum box does all the eye-popping work for you in this super visual effect. From the mind of one of the youngest people ever to fool Penn & Teller comes a gimmick that lives in the real world and produces amazing results. This is Gum and Get Some by Amanda Nepo. 

"A mark of great design is its simplicity and Amanda has nailed this in such a way that the gimmick is not only visual but extremely practical and incredibly thought out. I love this!" - Blake Vogt

"This one's great! It's organic and easy to perform. And in this game Fresh breath is key!" - Magick Balay 

"The perfect ice breaker! This is a great, practical method which ‘chew’ will love!" - Iain Bailey 

"I love magic that people can relate to. This is not only visual eye candy, because the fact that it’s all real gum and a practical edc. makes it the best gum trick out there" - Pontus Lindman 

"I wish I came up with this" - Luke Osland 

"Super visual, fun, easy to do and very well thought out. Amanda has ticked all the boxes with this one!" - David Jonathan 


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Delve into the mind of one of the most creative magicians. Amanda shares her innovative approach to creating magic with Fun! Unusual! Visual! Effects, – all have really cool, practical methods that can be used for in-person and social medial performances. You will learn specific methods and tricks, as well as principles that can be applied broadly in magic. 

"Boy, have you got a future in magic. You are SO GOOD!" -Penn Jillette

" 👍" -Teller

"Amanda is a talented young magician with a cool creative approach to our art. Her magic is fun, clever, visual and refreshing. You're in for a treat!" -Boris Wild

"I've watched Amanda's creativity blossom for some time now, her ideas are fresh, captivating and inspiring! Check out her lecture and see for yourself! 😎👍💯" -Magick Balay

"I have seen Amanda wow crowds as both a walk around performer and on stage. I'm always blown away by her fresh takes and understanding well beyond her years!" -Carisa Hendrix

"She's inspiring, upbeat, articulate and CLEVER. She's the future." -Connie Boyd